Target group check for Your campaigns

Many branding campaigns result in losses which are much too high. Meetrics helps you to not only increase the visibility of your ad, but also to target the correct audience.

Meetrics' & the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All technical solutions and products of Meetrics GmbH are subject to the high requirements of the European GDPR guidelines and are GDPR compliant.

The Meetrics Ad Viewability Solution completely waives cookies. Also Meetrics does not create any profiles of users.

Our Audience Verification processes only data from people who have consented to the use and processing of their data. A transfer of individual personal data takes place at no time.

Analysis in real-time

Our Audience Verification tool uses high quality socio-demographic panel data. By using deterministic data, we are able to ascertain highly accurate data, unlike probabilistic methods.

We provide you with Excel data reports which allow you to adapt and optimise your campaign by ensuring you target the correct audience.

“We have been using Meetrics for years to independently control the delivery and accuracy of targetings for the Smartstream’s own AdStack, in addition to internal validation. The usability of the audience measurement is extremely simple and support always delivers fast solutions to emerging problems challenges! “

– Jan Philip Schreiber | Director Operations | SMARTSTREAM.TV

Your audience

Meetrics’ Audience Verification provides demographic information on all levels of your campaign, including individual placements:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Income
  • Age and Gender
  • Place of Residence
  • Size of household

Meetrics GmbH – Headquarters Berlin
Alexanderstraße 7 · DE-10178 Berlin

Meetrics GmbH – Headquarters Berlin
Alexanderstraße 7 · DE-10178 Berlin